Life and Last Breath

Last Sunday, at around 4:30PM my dog Sheru took last breath. I was with him when he was taking the last breath. Until the last moment of life he was fine, never in pain . He died with peace. Many things were going on my mind after sheru`s death and his last moments. Two things that i want to share before i go forward. Please read till the end if you have started to read it.

1. Our breath count is limited . We have to live till that count gets over. Doesn`t matter if we live while having severe diseases or in pain but we must have to complete that breath count.

2. Two things that are going to be with us at the very last moment. Its not our family, friends or anybody But its
i) Our Physical Body
ii) Our soul.

The last moment is the hardest time of life when the soul gets out of physical body and it crushes the bones that you can hear the sounds. I read about crushing the bones part before but i heard the sounds of bones myself at the last moments of sheru`s death.
Now about the 2nd point i wrote above is the output of our lifestyle and karma.
1. Our physical body : I have seen people requesting death on the last stages because they are so much in pain on physical level. But they must have to live the breath count they have. For the sake of having the support of physical body in the hard times we have to take care of it on serious level.

2. Our Soul (Mann) : By soul here i meant Our thoughts, our personal secrets, secrets of our right and wrong doings, our nature, our greed and alot more. We have to make sure our soul is not in regret of the whole life bad activities, hate or any kind of negativity in the hard time. If we want our soul to support us, We must be at a positive and satisfied levels in the last moment.

Now, which exactly is the last breath/moment ? The current breath, YES the one we are having . The breath that is taken is past and the breath that hasn`t come yet is the future. So, no control over both of them .We never know which is our last breath. We must have to be at peace, satisfaction, positive level at this current breath. We must be aware of our physical health at this current breath.

Let`s try to spread love, peace, humanity and everything that is positive for sake of ourselves and to bring a positive change in the world.
The base of my thoughts on above concepts is Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji(Holy Book of Sikhs) and personal experience.
I tried to keep things short and easy to read . I hope the above text was worth reading for you.

With Smile 🙂
-Jasminder Pal Singh

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