Thank You Google VRP

Hey Everyone 🙂 , I really hope you are doing good . This post is about Google VRP. Before starting to write anything , I would like to thank Google for starting its Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP) and another thanks to Google Security Team for being so nice and responsible.
Last year , I met Google Security Team during NullCon Conference at Goa . It was so amazing to meet them . Below is the one of the many pictures .
Picture credits: Thanks to veer Hemant Bansal 🙂

While discussing with them I explained , How Google VRP rewards helped WSP(Our Startup) in the start with the fundings . They were happy to know that and asked if we could publish it as an inspiration for others . I was really happy to know that our small startup will get published on a official Google Blog . And last month they published 🙂

Here is would like to thank Google and specially Sir Eduardo , Micky , Chris, Josh and Aaron from Google Security team for doing that much . I made a small Thank You video . Please check below 🙂

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