Awareness article and steps to be safe from WANNA CRY Ransomware

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Hey Everyone , Few days ago , i uploaded a basic awareness video about WANNA CRY and how to be safe from it on my youtube channel
Via this post i am sharing all the steps that were covered in the video .
1. Backup your important data now.
2. Dont open any email attachment that looks suspicious. Emails are the main route of WANNA CRY to enter into your system. (Please watch video below for email samples)
3. Disable SMB via regedit (Steps in video below)
4. Download Patch Released by Microsoft as per your Operating system by following the link below
4. Close Ports 135 and 445 TCP from your antivirus firewall .
5. Basic tips :
i) Update your antivirus/antimalware now ( I recommend ESET , Comodo Firewall , Malwarebytes)
ii) Dont open any pendrive without scanning it with updated antivirus or open them with sanboxie
6. Share with everyone to make people aware.

Credits for stats , screenshots :, , ,, and few more .

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