Institute of Life

Hey all :)
It was the moment when i was thinking about institutes before my body gets into sleep mode.When we look around there are lots of institutes teaching about lots of different fields . With this thinking i slept and in the morning a thought came up " What about institute of life ? " . I wrote 4 lines at that time , I think that was it for that moment . After few days i was travelling to my college and few more thoughts got converted into text form . So, I am sharing those lines about "Institute of Life" .

The day i born,
I got admission in institute of life.

Since birth,
Its teaching every second.

I experienced,
Dark night will come after each bright day .

I learnt ,
Helping other students will give peace and calmness .

I realized,
Whole institute works under command of one principal whom i could never meet.

I felt,
The principle is very kind , ignore my mistakes and support us always.

Thank You for reading :)

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