I am another Computer Science Engineering student from Punjab,India. I love to code Web Applications and pentest Web Applications for the Security related issues. I have intermediate skills on the web development languages like HTML/XHTML,CSS,Javascript/Jquery and PHP. Being a security researcher , i always try to find some interesting bugs. I got acknowledged by the following companies in their Hall of Fames:
Google http://www.google.co.in/about/appsecurity/hall-of-fame/distinction/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whitehat/thanks Twitter https://about.twitter.com/company/security Nokia http://www.nokia.com/global/security/acknowledgements/ Microsoft http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/cc308575 Adobe http://helpx.adobe.com/security/acknowledgements.html
You can contact me for Web Application Security Peneteration Testing and Web Development works. I will update my Web Development works soon :)
More about me ? Check out my talk with Hackw0rm. I hope you find it worth the read.

tl;dr : Thanks to About.me for this lovely widget.

Any message?

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